Sankofa: Black Homecoming 2019


Mission Statement
The purpose of the Black Faculty/Staff caucus shall be to promote the well being of Black faculty, staff and students of Virginia Tech; to assertively push for the recruitment of Black faculty, staff and students; to assist in the recruitment and retention of Black undergraduate and graduate students at Virginia Tech; to encourage equitable utilization of Black faculty, staff and students throughout the university community; to be a liaison between the Black faculty, staff and students and the university administration; and to organize and maintain a support network for Black faculty, staff and students at Virginia Tech.

Work Groups
We have five work groups:
(1) Teaching and Research Faculty

(2) Administrative and Professional Faculty and Staff
(3) Student Engagement

(4) Communications and Social Activities
(5) Community Outreach

To receive important information about events, meetings, and community happenings, please join the Black Faculty/Staff Listserv.  You may Email Us your request.


Membership of the Black Caucus is open to all VT faculty and staff who share the vision and mission of the Caucus.  Honorary membership is available to graduate students and to community members beyond VT.  Dues are $25 per year and help support our programs and services. Please make your checks payable to “VT Black Caucus” and submit payment to Treasurer Lance Franklin. Or, you may use the link below to submit your payment through Paypal:


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The Black Caucus of Virginia Tech was established in 1981 to provide support to black faculty and staff members, students, and the university community. We are the oldest caucus at Virginia Tech. Caucus membership is open to all faculty and staff members, and honorary membership is available to our community outside of Virginia Tech. Before forming an official organization, the caucus had worked informally since 1978 under the leadership of Dr. Overton Johnson who would become the caucus’s first president. Officers for the organization are elected by the membership and form the Executive Board consisting of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and the Past-President. The president may appoint additional and temporary officers as necessary to complete organizational tasks.

Since its founding, the caucus has been an integral part of the Virginia Tech and NRV communities, serving as an instrument for social and educational change. Members have served as advisors to past university presidents and as sources of expertise within colleges, departments, and units. We have been part of task forces on diversity and race-related problems, have been appointed to special committees and commissions, and have mentored and fought alongside students to secure a more inclusive environment at the university.

The work of the BCVT has been extraordinary for 36 years, and our leadership has directly affected the quality of life for our faculty, staff, and students. We serve the VT community well beyond the formal requirements of our employment, and we are challenged to continue to move forward with our agenda.

earlyblackcaucusBlack Caucus circa 1970s